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Aspen Ideas Festival – ‘Fear, Hope and Change’ – Hal Harvey

If you’ve never heard of Hal Harvey (I hadn’t til now), he’s an engineer, specializing in energy planning and CEO of Energy Innovation: Policy and Technology LLC. Mr Harvey’s backstory involves a whole bunch of other high profile organizations working on climate and energy policy.

Bottom line: he’s got impeccable credibility on climate issues.

The video is from his presentation at the 2013 Aspen Ideas Festival. Mr. Harvey’s talk is followed by a conversation with The Atlantic’s James Fallows and finishes with a Q&A with the audience. This hour-long video is one of the most informative, frank and credible presentations I’ve seen on energy and climate change. I highly recommend slotting some time to watch this one.

Hal Harvey on ‘Fear, Hope, and Climate,’ at the Aspen Ideas Festival via The Atlantic

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