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Finally – China addresses Beijing pollution problem – by banning barbeque?

Beijing Smog By kevin dooley CC BY 2.0China pulled out an old chestnut from the “hey, look over there” department in a largely ridiculed attempt to not really address the worst pollution in the capital city in over fifty years. The pollution generated by automobiles and state-owned factories in Beijing is so bad you can see it from space!

So rather than actually take on the real pollution challenges that present persistent long-term health risks to chinese citizens, they’re proposing to pull the plug on a popular cultural activity that street vendors can rely on to make a few bucks in the summer. Of course, like the US sequester, this has the advantage of showing the people that they’re making the “tough choices” to address the problem. Yeah, right.

China’s Latest Environmental Initiative— Banning Outdoor Barbeque (via The Atlantic)

Image: By kevin dooley CC BY 2.0

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