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Mike Duffy: Good Broadcaster turned Suspect Senator

I used to like Mike Duffy when he was a broadcaster reporting from Ottawa for CTV/ATV. As a fellow Maritimer, I appreciated his Prince Edward Island point of view and who didn’t smile when he said hi to his mom at the end of his double-enders with Steve Murphy on Live at 5.

And then Stephen Harper appointed him to the Senate and the old Mike Duffy seems to have been abducted by aliens or else he succumbed to the often-fatal disease that inflicts so many politicians these days – hubris.

Last year, the story came out about Senator Duffy’s inappropriate living expense claims for his home Province of PEI when he was actually living in Ottawa. His defense was that he didn’t understand the tax claim form. Doesn’t a Senator make enough to get H&R block to help him sort that kind of stuff out? Even if we give him the benefit of the doubt, why was he avoiding the media by sneaking out through the kitchen of a Halifax hotel? He should know better than anyone else that the evasive move just made him look even more guilty.

Now, Prime Minster Stephen Harper’s chief of staff just ‘gifted’ Duffy $90,000 to pay back his expenses to Revenue Canada. WTF? This is just going from bad to worse.

PM’s chief of staff paid off Mike Duffy’s Senate expenses

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