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Paris Pariah: Trumps Belly Flop into Infamy on Climate Change

Today President Donald Trump proved once again he’s not up to the job and has zero interest in anyone but his narcissistic self. By leaving the Paris Accord, he’s dragging an embarrassed United States into a very exclusive club – joining Syria and Nicaragua as the only nations in the world not actively participating in efforts to minimize the impacts of global climate change.

Of course this suits Trump perfectly – he sees himself as a big fish and now he’s belly flopped into a very small pond. All under the guise of bringing back jobs in the coal industry. Maybe Trump is so naive that he believes that could happen (if it’s been on Fox it must be true!). More likely, it’s just a cruel, morally bankrupt narrative that pumps up his base while he screws them over six ways from Sunday. That’s Trumps Art of the Deal – just substitute ‘Trump’ whenever he says ‘America’ and you see his true colours.

Under Trump, the US has now officially stepped down from any form of credible leadership role in the world. Truly a day that will go down in infamy.

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