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Social Skills are Key in the New Economy

industrial-network age comparison-smRemember all those lifelong factory labour jobs that were off-shored in the past two decades? They’re about to be robot food – even in China.

If you’re still hoping the Industrial Age is eventually going to come back to life – think again. Just because more manufacturing is returning to North America & Europe – don’t be fooled into thinking those old middle class jobs coming with them.

Reputation and social capital is the currency of the new sharing economy.

This interview with Jeremy Rifkin: In New Economy, ‘Social Skills Count More Than Work Skills’ from The World Post has the most comprehensive description I’ve read of how our economy is transitioning from the Second Industrial Revolution to the Third Industrial Revolution.

Rifkin: “…we are beginning to see that a mass surge of employment is migrating out of the market and into the social economy, the not-for-profit economy, where human social capital counts more than economic capital. Machines are subsidiary in this sector because they can’t care for children or the elderly for example. Culture and Sports are other examples of employment islands sheltered from the storm. The social economy is the fastest growing employment sector in the world right now.”

Creativity, collaboration and critical thinking skills are the key to adapting in an increasingly complex world that’s changing too fast for any one person to fully comprehend.

Via: The World Post

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